Home Owners Insurance

Homeowners insurance can be the most misunderstood insurance product available to the public today. Did you realize that you must insure your home to the proper replacement cost valve or face possible coinsurance penalties? And that these values are NOT based on the current sales market value but are based on what a building contractor will charge to rebuild your home in case of a claim. Or did you realize that your homeowners personal liability may give you liability protection wherever you may travel to and not just the home location? Most people we meet with do not realize this.

All of our agents at Team Insurance and Financial Services Inc. recommend to our clients an annual check up to review all coverage and make sure each client has the proper coverage. The last thing you should ever want to happen is to find out you do not have or do not have enough coverage after a claim is filed. Not only will we come to your home and meet with you, but we will get the correct square footages, review policies, inspect and photograph your home. We also, upon request, will photograph all interior furnishing and personal items and maintain those photos at our location if ever needed at no charge. I ask you would you ever get this type of service from an insurance company who does not have field agents or an insurance company that just does online quotes. I encourage you to call direct or fill out our online form to set an appointment for a full no obligation insurance review.